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Cremello Stallion, Bred to Event & Rare Bloodlines

"GFS Lord of The Dance"

GFS Lord of The Dance
Breed: Warmblood Year of birth: 2014
Disciplines:  Sport,
Show Jumping

Colour: Cremello Height: 16.3hh (1.702m) Bone:

Societies registered with:  Anglo European Studbook
British Palomino Society
Graded with:  Anglo European Studbook
British Palomino Society

Covering options
Natural: yes AI: no Frozen semen: no Chilled semen: no

Stud fee: 550 Terms: NFFR

Stallion profile

GFS Lord of The Dance, or otherwise known as `Django` is a breathtakingly beautiful young stallion, tall, intelligent, kind, willing and a young horse who displays an abundance of natural athletic ability and presence. He is fast and eager to learn, sociable and sensible. This young horse stands out from the crowd with his grace, metallic coat and exceptional good looks. He is already standing at 16.3hh and a proven sire now of six absolutely perfect, purpose bred for eventing offspring.

He is registered and Licensed with the Anglo European Studbook and both tested and proven to be WFFS free, so he can be bred from with absolute confidence.

Django is unique in that his breeding is unreplicated in the typical European Dilute Warmblood horse. There is none of the usual Kinsky breeding, none of the commonly seen Polish Warmblood breeding and none of the popular but often replicated dilute German bloodlines used so extensively to produce dilute warmbloods.

His breeding is both rare and of exciting, historical ancestry on his sires side. Rare and sought after Russian Trakehner and Akhal Teke breeding of incredible quality course through this special young stallions pedigree. Bloodlines specifically developed to produce offspring with exceptional temperament, excellent movement, stamina, heart and the agility of a cat.

His dam hails from proven Hannovarian jumping and eventing lines on her sires side and some incredible high performance and big winning thoroughbreds on her dams.

His sire, Destello was a Russian Trakehner x Akhal Teke. A rare and ​exceptionally exciting melding of two highly sought after bloodlines scarcely available outside of Russia. The ancient and highly prized bloodlines of the mysterious and highly glamorous Akhal Teke horse brings legendary stamina, physical and mental toughness, unadulterated athletic prowess and proven records in not only the three major disciplines but also in the sport of racing, endurance and puissance.

Born of a breeding program developed at the legendary Dovatar Stud, both sides of his family tree are steeped and stamped with elite performance lines.

GFS Lord of the Dance is a stallion of faultless temperament. He is easy going, gentle and a kind, sensible soul whose loyalty to those he loves is absolute.
Click to see full details for GFS Lord of The Dance
Click to see full details for GFS Lord of The Dance

Performance record

GFS Lord of The Dance

Only just four years old, GFS Lord of the Dance has yet to prove himself in competition. He has been deliberately bred with a performance career in mind and is every inch the athlete with a ground covering canter and gallop of a born eventer for which his bloodlines combine perfectly with a beautiful balance of the pure quality of the Russian Trakehner, physicallity, stamina and tough mentallity of the mystical Akhal Teke and the sheer class and speed of the British thoroughbred.

Lightly started last year he proved himself a willing pupil with a superb attitude to work and a quick co-operative mind. As expected, he moved as well under saddle as at liberty with big expressive paces, an easy natural balance and self carriage. He has ben turned away to mature further but it is no secret that we are going to be very excited to see how he will progress later this summer now he is a year older and so much more mature in body and mind.

The intention is to aim him for an eventing career but equally his paces are good enough for pure dressage.

Progeny Information

GFS Lord of The Dance -

GFS Lord of the Dance has sired six foals to date. They have been of such incredible quality, blessed with exceptional potential performance attributes and bright desirable temperaments. They are bred with serious careers in mind and I do not think that they are going to disappoint. These foals are a serious investment for the future and suitable for a rider with ambition and the talent to produce and nurture the special qualities of these very special young horses. His stock are `stamped` with powerful conformation on long, strong legs with lovely heads set well on beautifully shaped necks. They are fast, demonstrate both elevated and extended paces with impressive use of free swinging shoulders and dynamic hindquarter strength. They are intelligent, quick to learn and keen to please those they bond with.

Pedigree chart

GFS Lord of The Dance Destello Dar Ashkhabad
Ainuke Pegasus Algor
Malibu Breeze Malibu Galileo Gymnast
Great Yeldham Blushing Scribe
Super Fortune

Contact details

No canvassers please

Type of advertiser:  Private advertiser
Owner:  Tania Mackee
Address:  Exeter
Telephone:  07955 429959

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