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Angrove Stud Produces Three Homozgous Foals in Row

Angrove Stud continue their successful breeding program and have done something quiet extraordinary - not once, not twice, but three times a true breeding tobiano Homozygous foal has been born at the stud.
These three foals, all by Ricco, their very successful piebald stallion 16 .3hh 3/4 TB 1/4 I.D type, all foals out of Angrove Dance Girl 15/16th TB by the famous puissance winning showjumper Sarah`s Pride sold to the USA.

Attached is a copy of an email from Dan Reeves from Animal Genetics to confirm the rarity.
You may also be interested to know that the BBC have filmed the latest foal for a programme going out in the autumn they will be returning in the summer to do more filming of the horses at Angrove Stud.

Congratulations Heather - and lucky you!

Letter from Animal Genetics:
Dear Heather

Congratulations on your recent run of horse DNA test colour results. As you are aware, the Tobiano Homozygous horse is a highly desirable breeding specimen, it has inherited the Tobiano gene and coat pattern from both parents, and therefore when bred is guaranteed to produce 100% Tobiano patterned foals (Piebald or Skewbald) regardless of the mate.

Although the Tobiano Homozygous horse is not massively rare, it is indeed sought after and often purpose bred. The case of your test results are however slightly more special, when two NON Homozygous horses are bred together, such as the parents of your foals, the offspring only have a 25% chance of being Homozygous themselves. It was a stroke of fortune that this happened just once, to happen twice in a row was certainly unsual, but to happen three times really is extraordinary. The likelihood of this happening three times was 1.56%.

In simple terms, the odds of your non-Homozygous horses to breed three out of three true-breeding coloured foals, in a row, were 1 in 64.

Added on: 12 Mar 2009

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