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New Laws for Lorries - Speed Limiters - Don`t be Caught Out

Speed limiters
The range of vehicles requiring a road speed limiter is widening and will include:
New vehicles

Goods vehicles with a design weight over 3.5 tonnes registered
on or after 1 January 2005, will be required to be fitted with a road
speed limiter. The limiter will restrict the maximum powered speed
to 56mph (90km/h) for goods vehicles.
A speed limiter will not be required until 1 January 2008,
however for vehicles used solely on UK journeys and are either:
a goods vehicle with a design weight not exceeding
7.5 tonnes

Older vehicles
Vehicles registered between 1 October 2001 and 31 December
2004 (inclusive), will also need a road speed limiter if they are:
a diesel engined goods vehicle with a design weight over
3.5 tonnes, but not exceeding 12 tonnes.

Vehicles used on international journeys need to be fitted with a
speed limiter by 1 January 2006, while vehicles used solely on UK
journeys will need a limiter by 1 January 2007.

Use of the offside lane on motorways
The Department for Transport is consulting on the proposal to ban
all vehicles, required to be fitted with a road speed limiter, from
using the offside lane on 3 or more lane motorways.
If the proposal is adopted, the change will begin on 1 January 2005.

Motorway speed limits
It is likely, once all the changes to vehicles requiring road speed
limiters have taken place (after 1 January 2008), the national
motorway speed limit for goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes and
buses will be lowered.

Restricting all vehicles in these classes to the same speed limit will
reduce any competitive advantage of older vehicles (which are not
required to have speed limiters).

For further information, please contact the Vehicle and Operator
Services Agency (VOSA) on:
0870 60 60 440 or go to:

Added on: 03 Oct 2007

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